16.06.21: New Gear

Sometimes times change and turn out to be a good season. I've had a lot of work since the beginning of this year and I could spend some money for new equipment. So I sold my ENGL Invader II to get the Savage 120 Mk. II for a more aggressive and open sound. Not as versatile but more in your face and punchier. Then, I made a dream come true and afforded a PRS Custom 24 in Violet Blue Burst which is a very cool color. I've just changed the stock 85/15 bridge humbucker and installed a Tremonti Treble humbucker to match my taste of music. You can see the amp and the guitar in my updated Gear section.

10.02.21: New website

I've written a new website. The new page is wider now and optimized for displays with higher resolutions. It is also a one page website with all the cool things like photos and music on a single parallax-site. So, the new site is more modern than the old one and looks much cooler. If you miss something on my website, please contact me. Enjoy my new website!

11.12.20: Updates on the gear page

Some months ago I sold my red Mayones to get a much nicer looking Mayones Regius 7 in Natural Fade Black Burst Out which now you can see on my gear page. It has a very detailed 4A flamed maple top and wears the BKP Juggernauts.

I've already recorded the song "Final Transition" with it. You can listen to my music on YouTube and on Bandcamp.

05.05.20: Updates on the gear and studio page

I updated some photos on the website and added photos of my homestudio including my new recording interface.

I also changed the pickups in my Mayones from Bare Knuckle Painkillers to Juggernauts. My aim was to get a more open sound out of the Regius 7 by reducing the DC Resistance and switching to different magnet types. The result is killer! Going to make a demo of these very soon.

20.02.2020: New interface

I've recently sold my Steinberg MR816 X to get a new Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB. Had several problems with the Steinberg interface like dropouts that drove me nuts at the end.

Aural Decade

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live photo
live photo
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live photo

My Guitars

Amps & Effects



Mayones Regius 7
Mayones Regius 7

Bare Knuckle Juggernaut Set

PRS Custom 24
PRS Custom 24

PRS Tremonti Treble & 85/15

Music Man JP 7
Ernie Ball Music Man JP 7

DiMarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifire

G&L Superhawk
G&L '84 Superhawk

Bare Knuckle Nailbomb (AlNiCo)/Mule

Amps & Effects

Fender Telecaster
Fender '52 AVRI Telecaster

Bare Knuckle The Boss Set

Martin Acoustic
Martin DM

Dreadnought Acoustic

Amps & Effects

ENGL Savage Mk. II
ENGL Savage 120 Mk. II

Mesa Boogie 4x12 Rectifier Cabinet

Fractal Audio FM8

Mooer Radar

The Recording Studio

Home Studio

home studio 01

The heart of my recordings where I do most of the work. The elctric guitars most times are done with the Fractal Audio AXE FX II. The Focusrite Clarett 8Pre allows me to record and mix my songs with a very low latency.

home studio 02
home studio 03

Recording Studio

The studio was built in the late '70s. The recording room with its wooden walls has a unique vintage character.

The heart of the studio: An RME AD/DA converter and low noise preamps for a clean signal. There's also an old ReVox tape machine which I sometimes use for vocals and mastering to add rawness when needed.


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